Editor’s Introduction:

Michael Stuart Garfinkle, PhD

Introduction to the section on Psychoanalysis, Institutions and Belonging

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Belonging To vs. Belonging Together: Change and Stability in Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Institutes

Orshi Hunyady, PhD, and Pascal Sauvayre, PhD

Abstract The authors explore the combination of our powerful internal needs and the external demands of the social organizations to which we belong. They then discuss the idea of "belonging together," a form of belonging that they differentiate from "belonging to," which can lay the foundations for creative and imaginative possibilities. The authors highlight how institutionalized practices, of psychoanalytic institutions in particular, too often stray from this form of belonging that lies at (in) the heart of the psychoanalytic endeavor.

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“Loneliness and the Sense of Belonging” – Thoughts about Immigration, Loneliness and Communities of Those Who Do Not Belong

Orna Ophir, PhD

Drawing on unpublished material from the Melanie Klein Archive in London, this paper argues that as result of the interminable work of integration in the intrapsychic world, one can never fully belong to oneself nor, as a consequence, belong to others. It is only in the mourning of the illusion of belonging that this latter could turn into a good object in one’s inner world, leading one to create responsible communities while being responsive to others.

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Emma Lieber, PhD

This essay associates to the idea of belonging as it relates to the analytic space, and what is inside of it.

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Include Me Out, Please!

Angelo Villa, PhD

The author addresses the complexity of the relationship between the analysand and the analyst at the close of the training analysis. On joining a psychoanalytic association or institute, the analysand may experience a reemergence of the dynamics that led to his original symptomatology in the context of his family and development. Through a critique of the splitting and false identifications that arise in psychoanalytic institutes, the author advocates for a psychoanalytic group that is formed around an aspiration of work.

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Belonging: A Shamanic Tale of Death and Unbehagen

Ingo Lambrecht, PhD

For shamans, the indigenous healers, death has always been related to the transformatory process of becoming a healer. This article explores this complex and close relationship between death, belonging and culture, and how this involves an Unbehagen in the establishment of a new identity, be it a shaman or a psychoanalyst.

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