Issue 5: The Future

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Issue Editors

Michael Garfinkle PhD

Donald Moss MD

Editors’ Introduction

What Can Psychoanalysis Say About the Future? Or, When Is the Future? Michael S. Garfinkle, PhD, and Donald B. Moss, MD

Original Essays

Psychoanalysis and the End of the World Robert Langs, MD

Ghosting David Mathew, PhD

Psychoanalysis in Cyberspace Debra A. Neumann, PhD

The Abdication of Her Royal Highness, Melancholy Jamieson Webster, PhD, and Patricia Gherovici, PhD

Contemporary Views

Editors’ Introduction to the Eight Comments on Bion, Loewald and “The Future” in Psychoanalysis Donald B. Moss, MD, and Michael S. Garfinkle, PhD

Two Passages by Bion and Loewald Imagining the Patient’s Future Sandra Buechler, PhD
Thoughts on Two Quotations Andrew B. Druck, PhD
Future as Unknown Presence (Even If It Is Absent)Michael Eigen, PhD
What About the Future? Antonino Ferro, MD
Overheard In the Elysian Fields Lawrence Friedman. MD
Finding A Way Gerald J. Gargiulo, PhD, FIPA
Time: Stopped, Started, Frozen, Thawed Adrienne E. Harris, PhD
“Shelter from the Storm”? Comment on Passages by Bion and Loewald Jonathan H. Slavin, PhD, ABPP

The Culture Desk

I Don’t Have a Crystal Ball Elise Snyder, MD

Reflections on the Other and Where Our Future Lies: Commentary on Elise Snyder Victoria Malkin, PhD

Theater Review: Freud’s Last Session Richard B. Grose, PhD

What Comes After July? What Came Before? Reflections on The Future, a Film by Miranda July Hannah Zeavin


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