Issue 4: Power

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Issue Editor

Jason A. Wheeler, PhD

Panel and Personal Narratives Editor

Natalie Tobier, LMSW, MPH

Culture Desk Editor

Ellie Gelman, PhD

Screening Room Editor

David H. Cole, MD


Editor's Introduction
Jason A. Wheeler, PhD

Original Essays

Speaking for Ourselves: Forging a Sense of Agency as a Psychoanalyst
Phoebe A. Cirio, MSW

Transference and the Power of Enactment: Obstacles and Opportunities in Psychoanalytic Training
John Madonna, EdD

Power and Perversion//Poder y Perversión
Francisco Vásquez Ramírez, MD

Panel and Personal Narratives: Power and Otherness

Editor’s Introduction
Natalie Tobier, LMSW, MPH

Power, Otherness, and Interpretation Donald Moss, MD

Report on the Power and Otherness Roundtable
Lynne Zeavin, PsyD

A Drop of “Lemonade”
Susannah G. Jacobi, PhD

On Becoming a Lay Analyst and on Doubting a Process
Victoria Malkin, PhD

Power and Otherness: Seeing Through Power Anne Malone, MSS, LCSW

In Training and Knocked Up: One Analytic Candidate’s Tale of Isolation and Reconnection through Pregnancy Dayna Kurtz, LMSW

Otherness and Power
Rita W. Clark, MD

Other Than Young
Elizabeth Biggart, PhD

The Culture Desk

Editor’s Introduction Ellie Gelman, PhD

The Power of Images: Refractions of a Stereotype of the Male Jewish Body
Anne Golomb Hoffman, PhD

La Sonnambula: Psychoanalytic Insights from Bellini, via Arlow, Brenner and Kohut
Luba Kessler, MD

Hamm’s Dreams: An Essay on Beckett’s Endgame 1
Jason A. Wheeler Vega, PhD

Envy, Not Gratitude: Reflections on a Classic Revisited
Lynne Zeavin, PsyD

Conference Reports

A Report and Some Reflections on “Orthodoxy Is Unconsciousness: Examining Gatekeeping Practices at Our Psychoanalytic Institutes,” September 26, 2008
Richard Brief Grose, PhD

A Report on “The Future of Psychoanalytic Education: Preservation and Innovation,” November 16, 2008
Arthur A. Lynch, DSW


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