Issue 3: Money

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Issue Editors

Abby Herzig, PsyD
Sharon Lavon, LMSW

Culture Desk Editors

Solomon Bankier, PhD
Leslie Cummins, LCSW

On-Line Discussion Editor

Edward H. Dewey, PsyD

Screening Room Editor

David H. Cole, MD


An Introduction from the Editors
Abby Herzig, PsyD, and Sharon Lavon, LMSW


Original Papers

Fantasy and Reality: Making Psychoanalytic Training Affordable Mary Beth M. Cresci, PhD, ABPP

Beyond the Fee: Addressing Non-Fee, Money-Related Issues in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis Richard Trachtman, PhD

Paradise Now? Psychoanalytic Training Within the Boundaries of German Guideline Psychotherapy: A Candidate’s Perspective
Knuth Müller, Dipl-Psych, Dipl-Paed, CSW (ZKS, rBSA)

The Price of Candidacy: Fee and the Regulation of Anxiety Sivan Baron, JD, LCSW


Panel:Money:Unmentionable Transferences - Countertransferences in Psychoanalytic Training

An Introduction
Abby Herzig, PsyD, and Sharon Lavon, LCSW

Original Papers

The Calling of Psychoanalysis: Can It Exist in a Materialistic Society?
Steven J. Ellman, PhD

Fees in the Training Analysis
Philip Herschenfeld, MD

Fee and Fantasy in Psychoanalytic Training
Wendy Wiener Katz, PhD

Post-Panel Discussion: Report and Reflections
Margery Kalb, PsyD

Invited Responses

Money in Psychoanalysis: The Socioeconomic Context
Neil Altman, PhD

The Life We Choose
Jennifer Cantor, PhD

Beyond the Analytic Fee: Money and Psychoanalytic Training
Ilene M. Dyller, PhD

Language and Money in Psychoanalysis: A Lacanian Perspective Lillian Ferrari, LCSW

On Money in Psychoanalytic Training
David Frank, MD

Patients as Part Objects
Allan Frosch, PhD

A Greek Visitor at the Money Panel
Chrysi Giannoulaki, MD

Money – It’s Personal
Jason D. Greenberg, PhD

Riffs on Remuneration
Jane S. Hall, LCSW, FIPA

Do Re Mi
Robert Langan, PhD


The Culture Desk

Un Secret, 2007 Foreign Film
Reviewed by Christine Anzieu-Premmereur, MD, PhD

Plea for an Accessible Psychoanalysis: Response to the False Promises of Eckhart Tolle
Reviewed by Desnee Hall, PhD

The Missing Gleam: A Review of Margaret Mahler: A Biography of the Psychoanalyst
Reviewed by Ellen R. Hirsch, LCSW

Women, Development and Pathology: A Critical Review of Suzy Orman’s Women and Money
Reviewed by Jo Anne Sirey, PhD


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