Issue 2: Becoming

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Issue Editors

Rachel L. Blakeman, JD, LCSW
Hilary R. Hatch, PhD

Culture Desk Editor

Chap Attwell, MD, MPH

Discussion Editor

Edward H. Dewey, PsyD


Introduction from the Editors

Rachel L. Blakeman, JD, LCSW, and Hilary R. Hatch, PhD


Original Papers

To Say or Not to Say: To Do or Not to Do Fern W. Cohen, PhD

Memoirs of Supervision
Marianne Goldberger, MD

Oedipal or Preoedipal, Is That the Question? Attempting Integration as a Psychoanalytic Candidate Michal Talby-Abarbanel, MA


Online Panel:Shame in Psychoanalytic Training

Introduction to the Panel

Invited Responses

The Social Psychology of Shame in Psychoanalytic Training
C.J. Churchill, PhD

Reducing Shame in the Candidate Experience
Robert A. Glick, MD, and Deborah L. Cabaniss, MD

Reflections on Shame in Psychoanalytic Training
Arnold Goldberg, MD

Shame, Empathy, and Analytic Training
Benjamin Kilborne, PhD

Shame in Psychoanalytic Training
Andrew P. Morrison, MD

Observations from Thirty-Five Years as an Analytic Educator
Ralph Roughton, MD

A Culture of Honesty: One Positive Function of Shame in Psychoanalytic Training
Jason A. Wheeler Vega, PhD

Panel Discussion

The Medium Is the Message in Psychoanalytic Education
Sandra Buechler, PhD


Culture Desk

From Both Sides of the Couch: Reflections of a Psychoanalyst, Daughter, Tennis Player, and Other Selves by Fern W. Cohen, PhD
Reviewed by Chap Attwell, MD, MPH

The Road to Unity in Psychoanalytic Theory By Leo Rangell
Reviewed by Edward H. Dewey, PsyD

Hate and Love in Psychoanalytic Institutions: The Dilemma of a Profession By Jurgen Reeder
Reviewed by Jason D. Greenberg, PhD

Psychoanalytic Themes in The Vertical Hour
Reviewed by Jason D. Greenberg, PhD

Transforming Lives: Analyst and Patient View the Power of Psychoanalytic Treatment, Edited by Joseph Schachter
Reviewed by Doonam Kim, MD


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