Issue 1: Beginnings

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Issue Editors

Rachel L. Blakeman, JD, LCSW

Hilary Rubenstein Hatch, PhD

Welcome to The Candidate: An Introduction from the Editor

Hilary Rubenstein Hatch, PhD


Rachel L.Blakeman, JD, LCSW

Original Papers

Godzilla Meets the Incredible Hulk: Wrestling with “Resistance” in Analytic Training
Virginia Youngren, PhD

On Switching Analysts
Terri L. Rieth, PhD

Transforming Identity: An Experience of Being a Candidate
Phoebe A. Cirio, MSW


Panel I: The Development of an Analytic Identity:The Impact of Early Formative Experiences and Theoretical Models in Training

The Impact of the Admissions and Training Analysis Referral Processes Upon the Beginning Candidate’s Anxiety: What I Wish I Knew When IStarted Training But Took Years to Figure Out
Khleber Chapman Attwell, MD, MPH

The Use of Psychoanalytic Technique in Training: A Candidate’s Perspective
Christopher Bonovitz, PsyD

The Interview Process and The Psychoanalytic Candidate: Setting the Stage for Training
Elizabeth Groisser, JD, PsyD


Elizabeth Fritsch, PhD
Judy L. Kantrowitz, PhD


On Speaking Up While Still in Training
Thomas A. Bartlett, MA

Power to the People
Donna S. Bender, PhD

The Inevitability of Candidates’ Anxiety and the Role of the Institute in Enhancing or Decreasing This Tendency
Kim Gelé, Ph

The Impact of Early Formative Experiences and Theoretical Models in Training Paranoid Reactions to Joining
Jesse A. Goodman, MD

Safety, Vulnerability, and the Creation of PotentialSpace in Psychoanalytic Training
Lauren Levine, PhD

Analytic Identity Formation: A Ritual Process
Jeffrey Longhofer, PhD, MSW

One Candidate’s Somewhat Unusual Interview Experience
Gregory M. Lowder, LCSW

Reality and the Development of an Analytic Identity
Angelica Kaner, PhD

A Good Self Is Hard to Find: Analytic Identity Crises and Implications for Training
Sarah E. Schoen, PhD

A Positive Reflection on Training
Jan A. Seriff, PsyD


Panel II: Are There Inherent Impediments to the Therapeutic Outcome of a Training Analysis?

Leslie Cummins, LCSW and Peter Sass, MD


Personal Analysis and Training Analysis: An Independent-Critical View Commentary on Cummins and Sass
Lewis Aron, PhD

Differentiating General Impediments in Psychoanalysisfrom Impediments Specific to the Training Analysis Situation Hillery Bosworth, MD

Some Comments About a Difficult Question in the Impossible Profession
Steven J. Ellman, PhD

By Any Other Name Philip Herschenfeld, MD

Training Analysis: Impediments and Enhancements. Commentary on Cummins and Sass
Robert Michels, MD

The Lures of Idealization: A Response to Cummins and Sass Shelley Orgel, MD



I Was a Psychoanalytic Candidate (1954-1959)
Roy Schafer, PhD


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