On the Pleasure of Belonging: Reflections on the History of Belonging in Psychoanalysis and the Papers in This Issue

Victoria Malkin PhD

This essay explores how psychoanalysis conceptualizes the desire that animates our entry into groups, and underlies our belonging. Psychoanalysts belong to a movement started by Freud and in whose history we remain embedded. As analysts we embody a legacy of a movement based on an ideal of truth that allows for splitting and exclusions. Freud’s history of group dynamics draws a pessimistic vision of an inevitable repetition. This essay charts the ways in which psychoanalysis helps us explore the paradox of belonging and asks how we might find ways to counteract the destructive pull that undermines its possibilities.

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Be Longing

Manya Steinkoler, PhD

An Introduction to The Candidate Journal, Volume 6: Belonging

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