The Candidate Journal Wants Your Dreams!

In the 2016 presidential election, the unconscious insisted: it was provoked and made manifest in Trump as collective phantasm, in the vote as the blind action of the death drive, and in the media’s refusal to know.  It is the psychoanalyst’s responsibility to articulate the coordinates of this event as it registers and is registered by the unconscious, and the psychoanalyst proceeds from the dream.

We suspect that many of us are having post-election dreams and we would like to catalogue them.  Please send us verbal, visual, and multi-media representations of any dreams that follow from or lead back to the election and the post-election climate.  We will collect and curate them to create a multi-media presentation of the post-election dreamscape, to be posted on The Candidate Journal website.  It is our hope that this will result in a performance piece in which dreams will be read and art will be shown, for which we will solicit participation at a later date.

The first round of dream collection will end on February 15.  Send your submissions to and specify whether you would like your representation to be posted anonymously. 


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