Welcome to the Candidate Journal

The Candidate Journal has relaunched its website in 2014. All previous issues can be accessed here and the Editorial Board is currently working on ideas for a new issue. The website has also been redesigned to encourage more ongoing participation and content that is not bound to the Journal Issues and which can expand the virtual space of The Candidate. We invite people to consider submitting to any of our sections and contact us with further ideas for development.

Currents & Conflicts

Previous Issues

Beginnings, Becoming, Money, Power, and the Future are all part of the dialogues and debates in our previous Issues, all available here on our new website.

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Next Meeting

The Candidate Journal will be holding a meeting in early 2014 where we are seeking to expand our board and invite people to get involved.

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Call for Papers

The Candidate Editorial Board is currently considering ideas for our next issue. The call for papers will be posted as soon as this has been decided.

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