December 2nd, 8pm. Location: NPAP, 40 West 13th St, New York, NY 10011

The Candidate Journal and Das Unbehagen are hosting a panel and discussion on what it means to speak or write from the position of a candidate. What is assumed in the candidate’s voice, what perspective is that voice meant to take? If our belonging is predicated on being a candidate, then what changes once “candidacy” is completed? Is there a movement from skepticism to authority, from ignorance to knowledge, from learner to teacher? Or does the very practice and theory of psychoanalysis poke holes in the presumptions of the supposed competency or mastery?

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Welcome to the Candidate

The Candidate is pleased to announce that Issue 6: Belonging is now available online. This issue explores the question of Belonging - What does it mean to belong to something? What desire is evoked in this longing? This issue explores these questions and the ways in which we choose or not to belong. Bringing these questions into the forefront also asks us to think about how our desire to belong plays into our training and formation as psychoanalysts

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Currents & Conflicts

Previous Issues

Beginnings, Becoming, Money, Power, and the Future are all part of the dialogues and debates in our previous Issues, all available here on our new website.

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Next Meeting

The Candidate is seeking to expand the editorial board and we invite people to get involved.

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Call for Papers

We are currently accepting submissions and ideas for Issue 6 of The Candidate where we will continues our tradition of building journal issues devoted to particular themes. Issue 6 will explore the idea of Belonging.

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