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The Candidate Journal has relaunched its website in 2014. We are currently accepting submissions for Issue 6 on Belonging. We encourage analysts at all stages in their career to submit ideas for this issue. Our previous issues have explored themes from a variety of perspectives and we remain committed to presenting a diversity of viewpoints and writing. We remain open to hearing your suggestions for creative ways to explore this theme.

The concept of belonging suggests a fruitful departure point for understanding the complexities of the interaction between the individual and culture. One does not simply belong to any group; like any relation, belonging requires the capacity to negotiate love and hate. Click here for more information

To explore belonging in the context of Psychoanalysis, the Candidate is also inviting analysts across the theoretical spectrum to ask you to associate to belonging. What does it mean to claim the title of psychoanalyst and to what, if anything, do we belong? We are hoping to obtain reflections from analysts throughout the world and across generations. Please consider taking a moment to contribute and being part of this reflection. The journal will select contributions to be published as part of the Issue. Associations can be sent to info@thecandidatejournal.org by December 15th.

Finally, We also plan to have a special section in this issue that explores belonging by consider the question in the context of Gender, Cults and Terrorist Groups. More information is available through the Call For Papers.

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Beginnings, Becoming, Money, Power, and the Future are all part of the dialogues and debates in our previous Issues, all available here on our new website.

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Next Meeting

The Candidate Journal will be holding a meeting in early 2014 where we are seeking to expand our board and invite people to get involved.

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Call for Papers

We are currently accepting submissions and ideas for Issue 6 of The Candidate where we will continues our tradition of building journal issues devoted to particular themes. Issue 6 will explore the idea of Belonging.

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